Customer engagement is not a linear process. Ness helps companies more effectively connect their business goals with customer needs by integrating a dynamic combination of customer touchpoints and channels to drive better customer engagement.

Client challenges that we solve

  • How can we improve the personalization of our products/services to encourage stronger customer engagement?
  • In what ways can we use or enhance the data we collect to create more upsell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • How can we remove friction from buying and customer support processes?
  • How can we improve the attraction of our loyalty program and distinguish it from others?
  • How can our company increase customer stickiness and reduce churn?

Customer Engagement solutions

Digital Marketing Operations

Building digital platforms that facilitate ongoing customer outreach and engagement across channels, including more automated customer segmentation, campaign distribution, social sentiment analysis, integrated SEO/SEM capabilities, and API connections with partner systems


Using advanced data analytics techniques, such as clickstream and user behavior analysis, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop insights and recommendation engines that enable more effective, precise customer engagements that drive increased sales opportunities, conversions, and revenue

Customer Lifecycle

Helping clients strengthen customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle by providing solutions in customer journey mapping, omnichannel engagement, data aggregation and quality improvement, online and offline channel integration to form 360-degree customer views, and extending and improving customer loyalty programs

Customer Care

Integrating digital capabilities that drive better customer service and reduce the time staff must spend on manual, repetitive tasks. Solutions can include aggregating data for 360-degree customer views, deploying data-enabled chatbots, leveraging workflows from ServiceNow and other process-based solutions, and integrating the capabilities of the Internet of Things and conversational interfaces to provide comprehensive omnichannel solutions

Contact us to learn more

Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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