Business transformation is reaching across old industry boundaries.

In the Digital Economy, a company’s competitors can frequently come from outside “traditional” industry boundaries. At Ness, we do not artificially limit the insights we offer to our clients by considering solutions only within specific industries and technologies. Instead, we operate around Domains, focused on solving business problems using our full range of experiences.

Ness’s digital engineering framework, Ness Connected facilitates open-minded thinking to help combined Ness and client teams identify opportunities that challenge the status quo. Ness can also increase speed-to-value by developing prototypes and applying pre-built software accelerators. And, because Domains are naturally aligned to solving business problems, our technology solutions are designed with the positive business impact in mind. 

Our Domain expertise enables us to identify business opportunities and solutions, while our Practices provide the digital technologies and supporting capabilities to successfully implement them.

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Business transformation is reaching across old industry boundaries

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Our Domains of expertise

Smart Commerce

Creating personalized, seamless, and data-informed experiences that improve sales and customer loyalty

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Smart Machines

Monetizing connected devices, maximizing productivity, and creating new revenue streams

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Smart Mobility

Building intelligent transportation platforms that improve travel safety, efficiency, and convenience

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Smart Living

Using connected technologies to enhance the way people live

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Creating, distributing, and monetizing content throughout its lifecycle

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Customer Engagement

Enabling valuable, friction-free interactions between a company and its customers

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Regulatory Technology

Minimizing the costs and risks of regulatory compliance through data-driven, risk mitigation solutions

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Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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