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Our new customer is the biggest bus transportation provider in the U.K. with a fleet of 12 000+ buses managed by 40 000+serving more than 650 000 000 passengers per year. The company has got its successful subsidiaries in the USA and Canada, too. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the customer is now in process of digital transformation becoming a true AWS native company.

We’re looking for a Solution Architect, Data migration specialists, Python developers, and Testers (tech. stack: Python, ETL, Data Pipelines, Airflow, .NET, C#, JAVA), who will be taking care of 2 main work streams:

  • transport and ticketing systems: e.g. for the ticketing solution with more than 3 million of chip cards being used by passengers, Nessians process the data related to every single ride, recharge, or ban using technologies .NET, C#, JAVA.
  • data workstream: Our customer launched its data strategy project by identifying which parts of the organization produce which types of data. These were subsequently consolidated to the data warehouse. For the data warehouse management, we use the most recent cloud-based technologies and standard mechanisms of data transformation and ETL (extract, transform, load).For data pipelines and automation of ETL processes, we use predominantly Python and AWS technologies.

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Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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