Our client is a company co-owned by renowned German car manufacturers specializing in provision of data for creating digital maps and various support technology and services for the automobile, consumer and business sectors. The client‘s technology is based on cloud-computing models in which localization data and services are stored in remote servers so that users have access to them regardless of what device they are using.

Our client’s product collects localization content such as road networks, buildings, parks and everyday traffic situations. It then sells or licences out this content together with navigation services and solutions to other world famous companies. As well as this, it provides services in the form of one compact platform for various mobile devices and operation systems, services for identifying position for its own applications plus solutions for GIS and clients such as government institutions. It also improves the products of other well known map providers.

Our client:

  • has maps of almost 200 countries,
  • offers voice navigation in 94 countries,
  • provides traffic news updates in 33 countries and
  • has approximately 49,000 unique structures mapped across 45 countries.

The Ness teams have worked on many interesting projects involving not only various internal tools for processing or evaluating data but also several final data products used by companies creating car navigation systems or adaptive cruise control systems for saving fuel.

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