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Social Events

The social calendar at Ness is a busy one with each lab organizing regular teambuilding sessions with hikes and other trips into the great outdoors. Given the large size of our workforce, meetings of the whole staff are limited. Every years, we manage to organize one all-staff meeting, our so-called Family Day and also, of course, our popular annual Christmas party.

The Family Day Family oriented event consisting of  a wide range of sports events for both children and their parents, with tv commentator, Slavo Jurko, the main presenter.

The Christmas Party is the biggest and most eagerly awaited annual event for the whole company and every year it has a special theme. In recent years, these have been the Roaring Twenties, ‘Grease‘ and a ‘Pirates‘ Party‘, with Slavo Jurko compere and MC. With special guests, staff and colleagues abroad all invited, the party is getting bigger every year.

Christmas at Ness is a set of numerous Christmas related events and activities including St. Nicholas day, fundraisings, Secret Santa, Christmas markets, Breakfast at Ness or Ness Hockey Day. 

The St Nicholas‘ Day Children’s Party is another traditional event becoming more popular every year, with fun, games, performances and special presents for children of our employees.

Sporting Running is the most popular sport activity among Nessians and tens of them attend numerous events including the International Peace Marathon, Ness City Triathlon, Carpathian wander, etc. Besides running, Nessians also like badminton, football, volleyball, bowling, pool, and darts. They compete individually or in teams at regularly organized tournaments. 

Events for the families of the employees are devoted to sportive and entertaining activities.  

Music & Quiz is a cultural and entertaining event for Nessians competing with each other in Quizzes. The program is added with the music performance of the employees.

Christmas party

Ness Family Day


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