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500 Employees


Ness Kosice Development Center has reached a significant company milestone: 500 employees


Employing 500 IT specialists, Ness KDC is the biggest employer in the area of software engineering in the region providing its top-class services to 10 global clients for 12 years. The company with 20% annual growth is a „flagship“ of Ness Digital Engineering corporation.

The growth based on quality and satisfaction

Ness KDC serves reputable global companies – leading players in the areas such as finance, telematics, automotive, media, digital marketing, transportation, big data and Internet of Things. Lasting supreme quality standards and significant added value of the solutions have been enabling a swift growth of Ness in Kosice. The company has hired more than 270 IT specialists over the last three years, which is an unprecedented result considering the highly saturated competitive market in the city.

Marek Uhrín, Managing Director Vice President Ness KDC: „Reaching 500 does not come as surprise for us, since we’ve been fulfilling our ambitious targets for quite some time, thanks to a unique company culture as well as professionality and quality of our people. 500 is however not an ordinary achievement at all! That’s why we are so excited to share it with the public. The IT labor market in Kosice has been quite challenging and the supply of qualified new generations behind the global business demand. Also, with the business becoming more demanding and requiring harder, better performance in every way, we truly value and appreciate reaching 500 and becoming the largest software development employer in the region with a very strong foundation of happy customers. I want to thank all involved for this real proof of 12 years of continuous increase in quality standards, hard managerial work and excellent job done by our employees. We are now ready again for new milestones and I wish us all new success and growth in every way.”

The company decided to celebrate the exceptional milestone with the employees as well as citizens. It will all finish with the 2nd edition of superb Ness City Triathlon taking place in the city center on the day of the 12th company birthday.

Zuzana Želinská, AVP – Business Finance & Operations Ness KDC: „We are all proud of what we’ve reached thanks to our exquisite employees, hardworking and value added we’ve been all creating resulting into long term mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. This combination is a keystone to attract new clients, to strengthen relations with the existing customers, to grow and consistently acquire new attractive positions. Simultaneously, we are proud IT partner of the city supporting the community we work and live in. That’s why we decided to share and celebrate the 500 not only with Nessians, but also with all Kosice citizens.”

Contact us to learn more

Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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