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In July 2014, Ness KDC launched a programe called Ness KDC Košiciam aimed at supporting the non-profit sector in which company programmers develop webpages and mobile applications for non-profit organizations free of charge. As well as this, we also provide webhosting services together with technical back-up. This way we help organizations with limited budgets communicate with potential partners, supporters and clients.

The webpages and mobile applications which we have so far developed enable communication between clients and the general public and have an estimated outreach of about 100,000 inhabitants.

In July 2017, the project celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Within 3 years, Nessians delivered 25 websites and 5 mobile apps for non-profits.

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Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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