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Cooperation with Schools

Košice has gradually been becoming an IT mecca with several fast-expanding IT companies now established in the city. Despite the high demand for new programmers, however, the education system in Slovakia is still not producing enough qualified people to fill all the vacant posts. For this reason, Ness KDC is one of the most active supporters of IT education at secondary schools and universities. Through our involvement in various student competitions and hackathons, we try to encourage the creativity and skills of students. One example of this is the Android Bootcamp, organized by the BEST student association, during which camp participants developed a simple application for the Android OS.

Our interactive hi-tech Geeky (Fri)day conferences have also been successful, largely thanks to their unconventional format. At these events, Ness KDC employees present innovations in the field of technology, giving concrete examples and introducing new applications. One example of this is a new mobile application for the iOS operating system developed during the course of just one hour.

The need to foster IT education can clearly be seen at the primary and secondary school level. As a result, Ness KDC has begun cooperation with several secondary schools in Košice and in nearby Prešov. Ness staff organize interactive workshops in which they try to encourage young people to seek work in the IT sector by involving them in interesting real projects. Visits to the digital classroom and communication with experienced programmers give students a vivid picture of the working environment.

Ness KDC also supports other projects promoting work in the IT sector. One such project is the so-called GIRLS’ DAY,  an initiative aimed at encouraging more women to work in the world of programming.

In 2015 the company began cooperating with the Association of IT Industry Companies (ASIT), a civic association which is extremely active in improving IT education, especially at primary and secondary schools. Ness KDC employees support this cooperation by preparing and organizing interactive workshops which focus on different technologies.

The firm is also a supporter of IT Valley, another organization which is active in the field of school education.


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