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City IT Partner

Ness KDC has been a long-term supporter of  development of the city’s information systems. As a proud leader on the software engineering market, we have developed several web and mobile applications for Košice which residents of the city can use.

Košice –  2016 European City of Sport

One current example of our cooperation with the city is partnership in the 2016 Košice European City of Sport project. Ness KDC, the main IT project partner, has developed for the city a complete communication platform including a marketing concept. The role of the platform is to centralize all information  about sport, both competitive and recreational, in one place.

Citizens (users) can find at the website a calendar of events for both active and passive sport, news from the world of sport and details of venues (including opening hours, entry fees, special offers etc.). Event organizers and venue managers can use the site for free-of-charge promotion of their events and facilities. The project is beneficial for all parties and our ambition is to keep it running even after the end of 2016. As well as a webpage, interlinked social networks and a mobile application for iOS and Android operating systems are also available.

GO Košice – Košicke Cultural Life

As well as supporting sport, Ness KDC also uses its know-how to support the development of culture. In the GO Košice mobile application, local residents can find information about cultural events planned in the city with organizers being able to use this platform for free promotion of their events. Košiče inhabitants can find all the information they need in their mobile phone.

Košice – 2013 European City of Culture

Intensive cooperation with the city began in 2013 when Ness KDC, as a part of the K13 coalition, developed a mobile application specially for this project. The application was for iOS and Android operating systems and mapped the programme of events as well as providing regular updates. Thanks to the positive feedback we received, we developed a successor to this application called GO Košice which local people as well as visitors to the city can now use.

Košice – EMŠ 2016

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