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Ness Košice offers jobs on prestigious global projects

We provide  our employees with a wide portfolio of benefits, extra days-off, discounts in the partnership program, training, travel opportunities, trainings and attractive career paths. Ness is a family-oriented company with a rich calendar of enriching events. 


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Ness Košice celebrates the 15th anniversary

The biggest employer in the area of software engineering in the region celebrates the 15th birthday. We’d like to thank all current as well as former employees, customers, partners and suppliers for the cooperation and we’re looking forward to the future challenges. Marek Uhrín, Managing Director Vice President Ness Košice: „The celebration was meant and

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Ness launched new e-shop for Hockey Club Košice

Ness Košice, the main IT partner of the club, has released the new e-shop, which will be, for the first time in the history managed by the club. The e-shop is a part of HC Košice digital strategy, which aims to increase club revenues, reduce costs, and provide the fans with a comfortable approach to the

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Ness Košice donated 100 computers to the hospital

Despite the rocky times, Ness Košice does not give up helping the community and donated almost 100 desktop computers to the Louis Paster Hosptial. Marek Uhrín, Managing Director Vice President Ness Košice: „We are all aware of the current situation in healthcare in Slovakia. I do believe that the problem solving of this situation should be

Our Domains

Smart Commerce

Creating personalized, seamless, and data-informed experiences that improve sales and customer loyalty

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Smart Machines

Monetizing connected devices, maximizing productivity, and creating new revenue streams

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Smart Mobility

Building intelligent transportation platforms that improve travel safety, efficiency, and convenience

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Smart Living

Using connected technologies to enhance the way people live

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Creating, distributing, and monetizing content throughout its lifecycle

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Customer Engagement

Enabling valuable, friction-free interactions between a company and its customers

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Regulatory Technology

Minimizing the costs and risks of regulatory compliance through data-driven, risk mitigation solutions

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Ness Practices

Ness has named Practices chartered to promote our technical competencies and capabilities globally. These Practices explore emerging technologies, create solution accelerators and IP, share best practices, and facilitate knowledge exchange among Ness’s engineers across our locations. Ness’s Practices ensure our customers have global access to the best engineering expertise to fit their needs, unbounded by location. Customers leverage our Practice expertise to accelerate speed to value for developing their digital products and platforms.

Our Practices

Life at Ness

Ness Košice is well know also for its numerous activities and events focused on training, knowledge sharing, innovations and teambuilding. The company puts emhpasis on professional as well as personal development of its employees. Family oriented approach and events differentiate Ness from most of its competitors making it a wonderful place to work. All these activities under the wings of EDGE framework have become a steady part of Ness company culture. 

Contact us to learn more

Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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