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Key Synergies Between Ness Digital Engineering and Linium

Synergies Between Ness Digital Engineering and Linium

The synergies of Linium and Ness Digital Engineering are endless, especially our relentless focus on delivering value to our customers. In this video Sean Caron, principal architect, discusses the new rebranding of our Linium division to officially be called Ness Digital Engineering, ServiceNow Practice.

It is more than a name change and rebranding for marketing purposes – the synergies of our combined strengths offer unique capabilities to our customers to solve their business challenges and exceed their expectations. The benefits of combining our experience and talents bring unmatched competencies that would not be doable for either of our companies to offer alone. Sean shares examples of our work including implementing a virtual agent, application portfolio management, application rationalization and migration, using machine learning for intelligent customer insights, AWS services, building cloud-based virtual contact center, and more. Watch the video to learn about some of the key synergies of Ness and Linium.