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Key Steps in Eliminating the Roadblocks to DevOps Adoption

starting a devops journey

DevOps adoption is a strategic priority for most enterprises right now and the benefits that early adopters are reaping is testimony to its true potential in driving organizational change. But getting DevOps right can be a tough challenge for many organizations considering that it entails major transformations and requires a combination of people, processes and technologies to be in sync for the organization to be truly fast and agile.

Addressing the fundamental issues that can impact adoption is an important starting point. Additionally, it is important to be able to define the key metrics to track progress along the DevOps adoption journey.

In a new article from the Enterprisers Project, Amit Gupta shares his insights on the five key components to consider while embarking on the DevOps journey.

“The key is to have a few, simple metrics that truly reflect value to the end customer, including production deployment frequency; average lead time for a production change; average production recover time; and change failure rate in production. A true measure of successful DevOps adoption is an improvement in all these parameters over time,” notes Amit.

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