Key Player in Public Transit Industry Embraces Automation

Case Study

Key Player in Public Transit Industry Embraces Automation

The Challenge

The customer, a company that designs, supplies, and operates automated fare collection (AFC) systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and passenger information display systems (PIDS) for the public transit industry, was looking for a strategic partner with the capabilities to measure POD outcomes in order to accelerate their product roadmap with measurable outcomes.

The Solution

Ness entered into a strategic partnership with the customer in 2012 to set up an extended team to build core platform services by leveraging the NessPOD based engagement model.

Ness put together scrum teams to work on Vehicle Viewer & Central Services Modules resulting in end-to-end services from architecture, design and prototype, implementation, build management, testing, release management, monitoring, and sustenance engineering.

The Results

  • 65% Improved Time To Market by implementing automation across multiple domains
  • 40% Reduced cost of operations
  • Scale the POD based on business needs by each Month
  • Data-driven governance enabling transparency using MATRIX