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The Key Essentials to Remember in Your Digital Transformation Journey


The accelerated pace at which digital transformation is moving across industries could be overwhelming for enterprises that are catching up or deciding where and how to start, or for those that are disappointed in some way with their efforts in going digital. It is important to pause and think – what ensures success in a digital transformation. Though there isn’t a guaranteed approach to success, there are some key essentials that are highly beneficial in ensuring a steady start. One key component is integrating design thinking and digital engineering, and this is something many organizations are struggling with.

In this Q&A published by Virtual Strategy Magazine, Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, highlights the importance of having an integrated approach of design thinking and engineering excellence and how Ness, with its Ness Connected framework, is using the approach to offer more value to its clients.

The Q&A also offers additional insights on:

  • The role of the three pillars – customer experience, platform engineering and big data analytics in building digital products
  • The key big data trends in 2017
  • Emerging technologies that will have an impact on digital technology in 2017
  • The various risks to success in digital engineering projects and how Ness can help

Read more http://virtual-strategy.com/2017/01/12/interview-with-moshe-kranc-cto-at-ness-digital-engineering/