Bringing a Sense of Control to Work Life 

Have you ever thought about what it takes to have highly satisfied and productive employees? Is it the fun perks like ice cream in the breakroom, an onsite gym, in house child care or bringing your dog into the office every day? While these are great recruiting tools, these do not always equate to a high employee tenure. Harvard Business Review reported the key to employee tenure is control – employees prefer to have a sense control over their ability to provide high quality work and a sense of control over their personal life. That begs the question, how can you leverage the Now Platform to bring this experience and sense of control into their daily work life?

Introducing One Portal to Rule Them All

Goodbye are the days of multiple portals, not knowing where to find services, and the frustration that goes with it. Having one master service portal is now a reality and will soon become the standard for all. Don’t let your employees work in chaos, make it easy for them to do what they need to do in order to be successful. Create a dual experience that will allow them to have control in their work life and personal life all while utilizing the Now Platform. Learn how you can leverage a master service portal to:

  • Deploy a consumer-grade user experience
  • Find a required service easy with a scalable service taxonomy
  • Enable growth as new services are defined and implemented

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