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Planning & Inspiration for Digital Business

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Changing the Way People Do Business in the Digital Economy

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Benefits of a Customer Experience Audit

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How Digitally Innovative is Your Company?

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How Ness’s Connected Thinking Drives Digital Transformation

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The Connected Digital Journey

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The Hotel Experience of the Future

IoT (Internet of Things)

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Aim to Achieve 3 Levels of Value from IoT

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The Fear of the ‘Thing’ in ‘Internet of…’

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3 Phases of Evolution for IoT Strategy

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Frequent Use Cases for IoT

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Capitalizing on the Business Value of the Internet of Things

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How to Conquer Fear of “Things” in “Internet of Things”

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IoT: Which Standards, Consortiums And Alliances Should The Channel Back?

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Steps To IoT

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Improving Predictive Maintenance With Industrial IoT

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Solving Top 4 Problems on Jobsites through the IoT

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Why It’s Worth Overcoming the Complexities of IoT

Big Data

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Perspective on the Big Data Landscape 2018

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Democratized Artificial Intelligence: A Pathway for Building Intelligent Products & Reinventing Business Models

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Four Major Decision Points in a Big Data Program

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SQL and Big Data

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Fog Computing: An Alternative to Big Data Lakes

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Executive Guide: Enhance Your Digital Platform to Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience

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Creating Seamless User Experiences for Digital Transformation

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5 Steps for an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

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Digital innovation: Improving the customer experience

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Experience Engineering Is Critical for Success in the Digital Economy

Customer Successes

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Scaling a Digital Marketing Platform to Expand Business

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Accelerating Time-to-Market for Education Solutions
payment processing platform

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Re-architecting a Payments Platform to Extend Market Reach

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Global navigation firm increases product functionality and optimizes release cycles
Vix case study on developing intelligent transportation systems 2

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Creating an Intelligent Transport System for Commuters Around the Globe

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Accelerating Client Onboarding at a Global Financial Firm

Tools & Techniques

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The Benefits of Personalization

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Reducing Technical Debt using Maintainability Index

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Is It Time for an Architectural Renovation?

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Application Portfolio Rationalization Guide

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Test Automation for Mobile Applications