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Ness Point of View

Ness’s experts share their insightful perspective on relevant topics that we see affecting our customers and offer helpful next steps to guide others to successful outcomes.


We believe the concept of “industries” is becoming outdated. Today, companies must re-invent themselves and continuously adapt to survive in the Digital Economy. We work with customers straddling so many of those industry boundaries that we had to find new vocabulary to describe the market segments in which we innovate and add value. Ness defines the new world in terms of “Domains.” Read our “Point of View about Domains”.


We are often asked to explain how Ness is “different,” as the people asking this question have usually experienced a wide range of IT services or technology partners and want to ascertain where we fit in this spectrum. Here are some of the reasons why the companies Ness works with say we are different and the importance of building the platforms of the future the right way. Read the “Ness Differentiation” Point of View.


Digital agencies today are very different to how they looked in the past. What often started as a creative design flair has necessarily morphed into a full-service delivery offer that promises to address a lifecycle of need. But, of course, things are not always as they seem. The next time you reach for your familiar full-service agency, be aware of the issues we discuss in this POV and think about whether you need to reconsider the way that you’ve always done things. Read the “Is Your Digital Agency Really Able to Deliver?” Point of View.


This thought-provoking POV is focused on five important technology questions that Board of Directors are asking their CIOs.

The piece is inspired by an article from McKinsey, a prominent consultant firm, and offers additional insights including the responsibilities that both the board and the CIO need to answer positively to survive and thrive in a time when a company’s digital capabilities are critical. Read the “Challenges Facing Today’s CIO” Point of View.


Have you ever questioned why your company keeps having to re-platform or transform the technology that powers your business every few years? Wouldn’t you like to avoid the associated business change disruption and business risk?

There is a better way to create digital software platforms which endure. Digital technology can now be conceived and implemented differently from before. And a key aspect of that change is how you go about determining the right thing to be built. Read “The Problem with Software” Point of View.