Insights into the role of a
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in managing
challenges and opportunities in the world of OTT.

In this episode of Digital Leader Series, Shivadarshan Deshamudre (Global Head of Learning, Ness) talks to Sandeep Tiku (CTO, Dazn Group) about his views on the impact of Digital technologies which can create a whole new possibility in OTT arena.  Hear his views on learning, approach to work, driving innovation, leadership, growth, and what it calls to be a successful CTO.  Dazn is an esteemed client of Ness leveraging its capabilities in media & entertainment services.

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About Speaker:
Sandeep Tiku (CTO, DAZN Group)
Sandeep Tiku is a technologist with over 20+ years of experience in designing and developing transformational technology and complex platforms for B2C digital products. Sandeep leads DAZN’s global technology and product teams to drive the next phase of development for integrating new experiences in sports entertainment.