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Improvement in performance and capacity of foundational infrastructure—data storage and access, cloud computing, next-generation networks, and cybersecurity—is at the heart of digital transformation. However, several major disruptions in this product space are accelerating the need to modernize these products to be competitive. The chip and component shortages have accelerated movement to uCPEs and vCPEs. The migration from on-premise to the cloud is accelerating the move of core infrastructure functionalities like security, storage, and networking to the cloud. The growing distributed virtual environment has put security at the front and center, accelerating the need for better cybersecurity and proactive detection.

Ness specializes in product engineering software solutions for ISVs and OEMs who create networking, storage, and security products, serving both incumbent solution providers who are still trapped in legacy technology stacks as well as startups and innovators who are adopting new capabilities around 5G, dynamic provisioning, and ML/AI.

Ness Expands Full-Lifecycle Cloud Offerings with Risk Focus Acquisition

Center of Excellence

Pune, India

Proven track record in digital infrastructure products

800+ person-years of platform engineering expertise in building products for Storage, Security, and Networking ISVs

Industry contribution

  • Linux foundation contribution
  • Academia engagement

Digital Accelerators for Networking products

  • Edge Analytica, a high-speed data ingestion platform using ML
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Yang model-based UI standardization

Full life cycle digital transformation

Product Architects for discovery and design combined with ability to engineer scalable products



We transform networking services like edge computing infrastructure to transition to universal hardware platforms and virtualized cloud-based computing environments with subscription-based licensing. Our Edge Analytica accelerator leverages AI/ML to enable dynamic SD-WAN functionality on a resource-constrained edge.

Security Solutions

We transform edge devices focused on security by adding the capability to do behavior-based intrusion prevention and detection. We do this by leveraging AI/ML for security and building out a collector and adaptor factory to hook up varied data sources to analyze and utilize for threat modeling and enforcement.

Storage Solutions

We specialize in working with a wide range of storage solutions (SAN, NAS, Converged Cloud, and Fast Array) for transforming and sustaining across a wide array of use cases—recovery and backup, providing high availability platforms for applications, at-scale platform engineering, cloud migrations for different workloads, and endpoint data protection.

Private Equity Value Creation Services

We help Private Equity and Portfolio companies unlock value and maximize growth by accelerating product transformation to clear technical debt faster and improve EBIDTA with our Digital Engineering capabilities and Intelligent Engineering centers.

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Risk and Compliance Modernization


Regulatory Reporting Modernization


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