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The digital content ecosystem, including music, news, education, gaming, esports, video streaming services, and so much more, has seen a significant acceleration in consumption trends. Traditional sector boundaries between devices, connectivity providers, and content creators are quickly collapsing in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. At the digital transformation forefront for leaders in this space, Ness helps providers adapt and excel in the digital era while continuing to deliver the content that their customers crave, accelerating business growth and competitiveness.

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Search & Recommendation Engines

Highly personalized and relevant search and recommendation capabilities are critical to the success of digital content creators, distributors, and streaming platforms. Advanced algorithms that enable platforms to match users to content are key to creating audience loyalty with precise, relevant, and personalized experiences. Our experience in building interactive platforms that leverage content metadata solutions combined with AI/ML expertise makes us a great partner for delivering advanced search and personalization solutions.

OTT Streaming Platform Development & Modernization

OTT video streaming platforms are experiencing exponential growth as media companies develop ever more sophisticated offerings in response to consumer demand. Ness is a global leader in the development of complex, reliable video streaming platforms.  Our deep architecture, design skills around video technology, combined with world-class engineering teams, is at the center of our OTT capabilities. We have built highly scalable, modern OTT platforms that enable multi-tenant, low latency, high-speed video content distribution with high reliability and high performance.

Interactive Live Streaming for social media

Ness is at the forefront of social media innovation with device-agnostic, interactive live-streaming capabilities for content platforms. Ness has developed and optimized scalable, live-streaming ecosystems for our social media customers that support millions of viewers globally. Our complete solution set enables real-time, multi-dimensional audience engagement, live commerce capabilities, with both user-generated and commercial content in a responsive, lightweight, mobile form factor.

Quote to Cash (QTC)

Streamlining and automating quote-to-cash processes and systems are critical for media & entertainment companies as they are looking to accelerate their digital offerings to market, grow & retain customers, and provide omnichannel experiences to their customers. A modern quote-to-cash platform can enable a subscription-based pay-per-use model, digital provisioning of services, and a customer portal to manage services. Our deep experience in enabling configure, price, quote, order orchestration, fulfillment, and billing processes can help with revenue growth, operational efficiency, and customer retention. Ness provides end-to-end services for quote-to-cash, including capability & architecture assessment, vendor assessment, solution design & implementation, and operate services.

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