Media, Entertainment & Education

The digital content ecosystem, including music, news, education, gaming, esports, video streaming services, and so much more, has seen a significant acceleration in consumption trends. Traditional sector boundaries between devices, connectivity providers, and content creators are quickly collapsing in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. At the digital transformation forefront for leaders in this space, Ness helps providers adapt and excel in the digital era while continuing to deliver the content that their customers crave, accelerating business growth and competitiveness

Center of Excellence

Iași, Romania

Proven track record in digital media solutions

2000+ person-years of expertise in OTT platforms, streaming services, CDNs, video players, mobile and TV apps, and device programming

Industry thought leadership

Whitepapers on Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and patents on multicasting media content and secure delivery

Rapid ideation using frameworks and accelerators

Streaming performance optimization, cloud-native OTT platform buildout, and device performance optimization to maximize the playout experience

Full life cycle digital transformation

Domain SMEs as consultants for discovery and design combined with the ability to build large-scale platforms


Media & Entertainment Offerings

High-performing and Scalable OTT Platforms

OTT platforms have transformed the way consumers receive content. The need to engage consumers with personalized content through scalable OTT platforms will continue to evolve and drive disruption in the media industry. Ness has helped several customers design and build OTT platforms that have enabled multi-tenancy, low latency, and high-speed content distribution in a reliable, resource-efficient environment. From building a CMS to support streaming through content lifecycle (acquisition, creation, processing, distribution, and monetization) to building subscription and payment processes to inserting local content on a streaming platform to optimizing video player performance (reducing CPU usage by 80% and battery consumption by 50%), Ness’s experience in this area makes us the go-to partner to deliver the content your customers crave.

Content Discovery, Tracking, and Personalization

Video search and personalized recommendations are critical to the success of content creators, aggregators, distributors, and OTT streaming service providers and are critical for consumer brand loyalty. Ness has helped the world’s leading DVR company build interactive platforms that leverage content metadata and AI/ML to deliver the best integrated, personalized content for their customers. Ness has also been helping a leading music publishing company discover when and how a composition is played, which is vital for artist recognition and accurate royalty payments.

EdTech Offerings

Assessment Platform Engineering as a Service

A paradigm shift is happening in how the education industry uses assessment practices. Assessment practices are moving beyond just measuring learning to a more pragmatic and student-centered approach to assessment for learning. Focusing on what matters most to students and faculties while innovating and pioneering new ways to use technology for the next generation of assessment services, we support our customers across this journey to meet the rigorous standards of college and career readiness. From moving from paper-based to online testing, automation, and data management of assessments or online proctoring capabilities, Ness is the ideal partner to help develop and build large-scale assessment solutions that enable you to address your current needs and provide services that prepare you for your future assessment aspirations.

Personalized Learning Solution

Technology has driven the acceleration and adoption of EdTech into the education industry to build better learning experiences and deliver higher learning outcomes. Ness brings forth the true value of learning, inspiring learners and educators to make education more relevant and empowering. With college enrolments at an all-time low, the industry is rethinking how we prepare students for career readiness. We have solved these problems at scale—starting with developing convergence strategies that leverage our deep experiences in data services to help our customers make the right decisions that support their strategy. At Ness, we know there is no standard approach to solving this issue to truly deliver experiences that support career progression and lifelong learning capabilities. This is why we provide a greater level of personalization to help bridge the increasing gap between K-12, higher education, and the workforce.

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