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The digital content ecosystem, including music, news, education, gaming, esports, video streaming services, and so much more, has seen a significant acceleration in consumption trends. Traditional sector boundaries between devices, connectivity providers, and content creators are quickly collapsing in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. At the digital transformation forefront for leaders in this space, Ness helps providers adapt and excel in the digital era while continuing to deliver the content that their customers crave, accelerating business growth and competitiveness.

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Scalable Streaming Platforms

The need to engage consumers with hyper-personalized content through highly scalable streaming platforms will continue in the post-pandemic world. Robust design & development processes, combined with scalable technologies are at the center of our video streaming capabilities across Live, Linear and VoD streaming. We bring extensive experience in building highly-scalable solutions that enable multi-tenant, low latency, high-speed video content distribution in a reliable, resource-efficient environment. Ness is at the forefront of social media innovation creating device-neutral, interactive live-streaming capabilities across global content platforms.

Modernize Content Workflow and Monetization Systems

As the consumer frontend takes center stage, back-office systems can be neglected, leading to a degradation in the overall consumer experience. We have been helping content aggregation, distribution and monetizing organizations modernize their operations to streamline their content acquisition, distribution, monetization and payments processes.

Customer Data Platform and Personalization

Hyper-personalized search and recommendation capabilities are critical to the success of digital content creators, distributors, and OTT streaming services. Ness has integrated CDP with digital platforms and has built intelligent solutions that combine packaged user data from CDP and content data from back-end systems producing a blend of analytics on consumer behavior & content, that drives real-time personalization for the consumers helping companies achieve higher user engagement and reducing churn. Advanced algorithms that enable platforms to match users to relevant content is key to creating audience loyalty. Ness has built interactive platforms that combine content metadata solutions with AI/ML functions to deliver personalized search (both text and voice) solutions.

Android TV, Set-Top Box Device and Applications Development

More and more OEMs desire to exploit regular updates & other features associated with the Google platform. Ness has extensive expertise developing Android applications, implementing full Android TV functionality including the creation of home screens & custom user experience; integration of custom application store(s); integration with Google services, and testing & validation.

Enhanced and Integrated Learner Experience

Provide a seamless user experience and attract more learners by collaborating with organizational education leaders to develop a robust strategy for education service providers and institutions’ migration to the cloud. Leveraging the power of well-designed UI/UX and enterprise integration of multiple digital solutions, Ness adds future flexibility and scalability, allowing you to communicate to users efficiently and naturally, ensuring a digital experience that attracts the best students and staff.

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Measuring Student Success and Learning Outcomes

Data and analytics are essential for anticipating the future and responding proactively to changing trends in the dynamic world of education. With the growing reliance on digital assessments, learning solutions & analytics and hybrid learning environments, rapid feedback and insight on student learning is imperative. With industry expertise and analytic solutions built specifically for education, Ness empowers education leaders to gain deeper insights from better data to improve student outcomes across the education continuum. We move you beyond collecting and reporting to make your data actionable, integrated and measurable.

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Interactive, Collaboration and Hybrid Learning

The new world of learning requires a distinct model with increased delivery flexibility and technology capabilities specifically tied to improved student learning outcomes. Ness enables secure and reliable technologies for communicating, collaborating, and resource sharing as needed across an organization. These end-user technologies are focused on creating secure and scalable user environments, regardless of location.

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AI driven Personalization to build a Life-Long Learning Ecosystem

The education community is increasingly adopting intelligence-based adaptive learning by addressing significant learning losses incurred by students due to COVID. Our experience building interactive platforms that leverage content metadata solutions combined with extensive AI/ML expertise makes us a great partner for delivering advanced search and personalization solutions. Ness enables a unique environment and curated individualized experience—any time and place, positioning the learner at the center.

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