Manufacturing & Transportation

We are the Digital Engineering partner for manufacturing and transportation companies creating new products and services around digital platforms, with real-time insights and contextual offerings that differentiate their capabilities from the rest.

Ness Expands Full-Lifecycle Cloud Offerings with Risk Focus Acquisition

Our Offerings

Enabling Devices with the Power to Communicate.

Service Platform Development

Identifying the right architecture and development stack and the optimal continuous delivery pipeline with requisite automation to achieve the right level of cadence without sacrificing quality.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Combining systematic architecture and experience-driven approaches to software development that lead to responsive web and mobile user interfaces for fleet managers.

Automotive ECU Development

Helping the automotive industry keep pace with the rapid changes, including electrification, connectivity, mixed mobility, and autonomous driving.

Smart Transportation

Leveraging location, one of the most important technology enablers that drives our connected lives, to develop intelligent transport platforms and solutions to enable smart cities and address changing consumer tastes, environmental and safety concerns, and city growth.

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