Manufacturing & Transportation

We help our customers quickly adapt to change by providing the right platforms like Connected Services that manage data from devices and provide additional services. We work with location data and integrate it into a proper backend to support efficient fleet operations. In the mobility space, Ness has helped realize many use cases, including real-time and multi-modal ticketing solutions, integrating with social payment solutions and using AI to improve run-time predictions. Ness transforms leading manufacturing and transportation companies into next-generation connected enterprises.

Center of Excellence

Kosice, Slovakia

Domain expertise in smart transportation and fleet telematics

1000+ person-years of experience with industry-leading smart transportation systems and fleet management solutions

Thought leadership in Industry 4.0

Geolocation patent holders, industrial community speakers, and contributors | Industry 4.0 Keynote for IT Valley | EU Urban Mobility Citython

Digital accelerators for IoT-enabled cloud solutions

50%+ time to market reduction by tailor-made, industry-specific software enablers and accelerators | Digital Twins | AWS IoT | PoCs and prototypes

Deep strategic alliances in the manufacturing ecosystem

Deep strategic alliances in mapping and navigation solutions


Mapping and Navigation Solutions

Custom mapping and navigation solutions are required for fleet operators, mining companies, and logistics providers. Augmenting proprietary information to the mapping and navigation solution will significantly improve operational efficiency. HD maps are required in locations like mining, ports, and other special zones for safely running autonomous vehicles. Our experience building complex mapping platforms, coupled with our partnership with a major mapping platform provider, allows us to develop bespoke mapping solutions to include 2D/3D map rendering, route planning, indoor positioning and tracking, map data enrichment with sensor data, and HD mapping.

Smart Ticketing and Toll Solutions

Fare collection and autonomous electronic toll systems are transaction-heavy, high-performance, mission-critical systems requiring sophisticated solutions, reliability, and scalability. Ness has over ten years of experience architecting and building cloud-native, fault-tolerant, and scalable fare and toll solutions in many major metropolitan areas worldwide. By leveraging the right architecture, automated machine learning, and predictive data creation, Ness evolves core toll/transportation systems into smart transportation and city solutions.

Smart Energy Management

Home energy (both generation and consumption) devices are becoming increasingly smarter with enhanced control and reporting. The increased visibility creates the opportunity to optimize energy consumption and usage patterns. Utility companies also use this data when available to optimize infrastructure and provide customized options and services to customers. Our solutions, such as Home Energy Management, help customers and providers get better visibility into their energy generation and consumption, allowing the prediction of operational loads, thereby optimizing power generation, storage, and infrastructure utilization.

Predictive Analytics

Optimizing your assets’ and resources’ productivity, quality, and safety is always challenging. The data collected from your operations can predict future outcomes by leveraging the right competencies, tools, and platforms, such as statistical models and machine learning techniques. Our experience building complex platforms for collecting operational data and our competence and experience in handling data at scale allow us to develop solutions that predict the Expected Time of Arrival. Such solutions can consume data from diverse sources and provide superior accuracy compared to traditional models.

Connected Platform for Advanced Telematics and Fleet Management

In the age of always-on connectivity, consumers demand information anytime, anywhere – on PCs, mobile devices, or even inside their cars. They expect to seamlessly share relevant and contextual information like destination or location from their mobile device to the vehicle. With our deep expertise in cloud technologies and deep understanding of the automotive domain, Ness is uniquely positioned to build connected applications supporting in-vehicle systems and mobile applications.

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