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Our Financial Services vertical provide full life cycle digital transformation services across Capital Markets, Banking, Fintech and Market Information and Analytics participants.

We are helping our clients in their transformation journey to the cloud by focusing their application stacks on data-driven intelligence, business-aligned visual experience design, and operational automation to achieve their desired business outcomes.
We have over 20 years of experience providing advisory, consulting, and engineering services to buy-side and sell-side, market infrastructure, commercial and consumer banking, and fintech clients.

Our Risk Management, Regulatory Reporting and Core Banking solutions, with offerings for Capital Markets Risk, Pricing, Valuations, Trading, Compliance, Payments, and Card Issuance, demonstrate our expertise in the domain, technology, and process, enabling us to become a trusted partner to our clients in their journey towards application modernization.
Our financial services application modernization initiatives include upgrading their on-prem application stacks to a cloud-native microservices core, enabling them to stay agile, reduce costs, mitigate security risks and drive growth.

Center of Excellence


Ness - Teaneck New Jersey

A proven track record in modernizing complex and mission-critical enterprise platforms at the top 10 global banks, hedge funds, and top 5 market infrastructure fintech firms. (For example, including exchanges, market data, and clearing corps)

Distinctive reputation in legacy application modernization for Capital markets


Domain specialization in Regulatory Reporting Differentiated service offerings, combining regulatory domain expertise with modern reporting architectures to deliver compliance health checks and regulatory platforms using streaming technologies

Domain specializing in risk and regtech


Top 3 AWS premier partner with a distinctive reputation for cloud and data migrations in the financial services domain

Financial services competency in AWS


Legacy modernization and new product development for FinTech start-ups, as well as established banking software, payments, and trading software solutions

Proven track record in product engineering major FinTech products and platforms




Core Banking Modernization

In an environment of significant disruption in financial services, we help our clients modernize the core banking system to compete in an ever-changing digital marketplace.
Ness has deep experience modernizing core banking platforms to support open banking, API connectivity, digitization, and enhanced user experience. This makes our client platforms more agile and responsive to enable digital banking experiences.
Our Expertise:

  • Co-creating multi-year modernization roadmaps for core banking
  • Modernizing card issuance and deposit products
  • Payment gateway integration services, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Banking as a Service API approach using domain-driven models
  • Working with FinTech and Banking product companies to move from an on-premise to a SaaS model
  • KYC and fraud expertise across multiple product domains


Risk, Pricing and Valuations Modernization

Risk, Pricing, and Valuations architectures have always been the ideal enterprise risk management cloud use case since they require large amounts of intermittent computing resources.

Furthermore, due to the fast-moving input data streams (i.e., Trade, Market, and Reference Data), it is challenging to produce consistent calculations across time slices of data.

Our Risk management solutions leverage the cloud to increase real-time risk calculations with streaming architectures.

In addition, we implement self-service risk management platforms to enable on-demand custom views, visualization, and insights.

We also develop and back-test vendor analytics to drive product development and faster business decisions.


Regulatory Reporting Modernization

Organizations often use quick-fix enhancements to their existing reporting architectures to meet regulatory deadlines.

As volumes and fines for inaccurate reporting grow, capital market participants are rethinking modernization with a regulation-agnostic view using proprietary or vendor-based regulatory reporting platforms.

Our Regulatory Reporting solutions use a unique SWAT-team approach to find gaps and recommend actionable steps for remediating your trade, transaction, risk and compliance processes and systems

Our thorough understanding of bank regulatory reporting regulations and cutting-edge skills in re-architecting mainframe monoliths to cloud implementations allow us to address your organization’s situation.

Ness can also guide you toward establishing an independent control framework for meeting regulatory obligations.

Our Work in Action

Industry Case Studies

Western Asset is a globally integrated, California-based fixed income asset manager with approximately $450 billion of Assets Under Management (AUM)
The client achieved a near-perfect scaling of all 1.5 million calculations. The solution increased development velocity by leveraging Infrastructure as Code, allowing each developer to test variable configurations of a Confluent Kafka and Flink application in AWS.
Ness designed and implemented an AWS-based scalable platform for real-price observations. One of the key features was the de-duplication of 1.2 billion transactions across all asset classes.
The client is the financial services subsidiary of a leading Canadian retail chain and is one of the largest card issuers in Canada with an industry-leading loyalty program.
Ness built an Identity Resolution solution that allowed the client to provide state-of-the-art money laundering filtering capabilities.
The client is a new venture arm of the global bank that provides a platform and catalyst to promote innovation, invests in disruptive financial technology, and explores alternative business models. ​
Ness brought expert knowledge of trading systems, deep expertise in Kafka and streaming architecture, and an iterative approach to software development that yielded shorter release cycles to reduce project risk while delivering consistent milestones.
With clients in over 160 countries, this leading Global Investment Management firm provides distinct specialist investment managers, offering boutique specialization globally, bringing extensive capabilities in fixed income, equity, alternatives, and multi-asset solutions.​

Our Work in Action

Industry Case Studies

Western Asset is a globally integrated, California-based fixed income asset manager with approximately $450 billion of Assets Under Management (AUM)


Asset tracking and asset visibility are essential pillars to building more advanced solutions to improve operations by streamlining the processes. They start from simple asset localization and monitoring through utilization tracking to increasing human safety, work efficiency, cost optimization, and simulations.


This discussion provides an overview of the common architectures used in risk management systems in capital markets and how the advent of new technologies—namely the cloud and streaming—have impacted their designs. By Vassil Avramov, Chief Technology Officer, Ness Executive Summary … Continue reading
Traditional banking is under pressure to adapt as society continues to not only evolve digitally, but also increasingly accelerate via emerging technology and innovation.
Since 2008 bitcoin has gained a prominent place in the international financial landscape, and conversations about cryptocurrencies have become a frequent subject in social media, attracting more investors every day.

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