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Risk Modernization

Risk architectures have always been the ideal cloud use case since they require large amounts of intermittent compute resources. Due to the fast moving streams of input data (i.e., Trade, Market & Reference Data) it is difficult to produce risk calculations that are consistent across time slices of data. Our Risk On Cloud Solutions increase real-time risk calculations with streaming architectures. We implement self-service risk management flows providing custom views, visualization, and insights on-demand. We also enable the development and back-testing of new proprietary and vendor analytics, allowing for product development and quicker business decisions.

Compliance Modernization

Asset Managers rely on pre-trade compliance to provide their trading desks with client guideline trading decisions and to provide high-capacity automation between portfolio management and compliance guidelines. Our AWS hosted pre-trade compliance solution using Kafka and Flink as the foundation for scalable data and compute fabric, can provide a high-performance modern architecture for enhanced portfolio-management optimizations including a modern, high-velocity development process.

Financing & Margin Optimization (FMO)

Hedge fund and asset managers need to consistently & accurately monitor and optimize margin, financing impact, lifetime trade costs, and stock loan fees across multiple prime brokers to improve trading decisions and ensure they are not overcharged. Focusing on the unification of all broker feeds into one platform with the ability to provide house and regulatory margin and finance transparency, our FMO solution empowers you to optimize multiple broker relationships by modeling margin requirements, financing costs, and stock loan fees on-demand. Ultimately optimizing margin expenses and maximizing buying power as markets evolve.

Regulatory Reporting Modernization

In order to meet regulatory deadlines, organizations used quick fix enhancements to their existing reporting architectures. As volumes increased and the pressure for correctness in order to avoid fines grew, they are rethinking modernization with a regulation agnostic view. We use a unique SWAT-team approach to find gaps and recommend actionable steps for remediating your processes and systems. Our thorough understanding of capital-markets business regulations combined with cutting edge skills in re-architecting mainframe monoliths and cloud migration allows us to address your firm’s situation and guide you toward establishing an independent control framework.

API Distribution

API Providers are looking for targeted delivery channels to drive the mass adoption of their APIs. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular tools for data analysis, but exposing APIs to Excel causes API providers to get dragged into building and updating custom Add-ins instead of focusing on their core product development. Ness’ APIX™ allows Microsoft Excel to be used as a runtime application, enabling the consumption of cloud-based services as native Excel functions – making it the only Excel Add-in you’ll ever need.

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