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Important Lessons and Considerations in DevOps Adoption

Breaking the traditional barriers between IT and operations, a DevOps style of software delivery holds great promise for organizations looking at gaining business agility and speeding up digital transformation, and that explains why organizations large and small are moving towards it. There is enough evidence around us on how organizations are using DevOps adoption to deploy and release products faster and with better reliability.

The idea of adopting DevOps to accelerate the IT process would be appealing to most companies, but it requires cultural and organizational changes to successfully implement DevOps and extract its real value. Consequently, it’s important for organizations to understand the cultural aspect of DevOps and be prepared with some groundwork before taking the plunge.  DevOps can’t happen in silos; to be truly agile an organization must understand automated testing, cloud and so on.  An understanding of Microservices is also helpful as it forms an important piece in the digital transformation.

In a Q&A with ZDNet, Moshe Kranc discusses the current state of DevOps and important considerations for organizations to attain success with its adoption. “You must do a lot of groundwork in your organization to implement DevOps. It’s a process that involves cultural and organizational change and we can help people through that,” notes Moshe.

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