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HR Organizations Must Focus on Providing Improved Candidate Experience & Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

In an interaction with India in Making, Dr. Christina Augustine, HR Head, Ness Digital Engineering, breaks down the considerations for HR organizations in developing and nurturing next generation talents that can pave the way for accelerated digital transformation.  She talks about the intense competition in the technology space and how a progressive digital engineering company like Ness is focused on addressing fast changing industry needs through investing in building the right talents through an innovative, employee-focused culture. She also discusses the importance of engaging people through internal events focus on driving innovation, and learning opportunities beyond the regular line of work in adding value to individual profiles and the organization and its customer.

How do you ensure that you build a powerhouse of technology talent that is ready to take on the challenges of a digital future? Read the excerpt from Christina’s interview to learn more.

Q. In an extremely competitive and dynamic technology industry, how do you attract the right talents and offer more value to your employees?

Christina: It is a very competitive market, which makes it important for organizations to find effective ways to engage with the right talents. One of the ways we differentiate ourselves is through offering a high-level candidate experience supported by our pre-hire engagement activities, which includes connecting with candidates through multiple nodal entries and in different ways to ensure that we find people with the right cultural fit.

Another important differentiator for us is that we focus on providing not just jobs but on building careers. We are a firm believer in growing leaders from within. We have employees with long tenures – we provide multiple opportunities for career development. For instance – someone who joins us as a software engineer can explore multiple roles, such as that of business analyst, architect or a project manager, and can choose from the numerous opportunities that we open up for our employees at different stages in their career.

Watch the interesting video where Christina elaborates more on these points.