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How AI, ML, Data and Automation enhance the Content Supply Chain – Vlog Part 3

In Part 2 of the Vlog series, Focazio discussed the basics of a video content supply chain — including the big workload areas of where and how content is created and how it gets to the end-consumer.

In this Part 3 video, Martin covers how AI/ML, Data and Automation (AMDA) enhance or operate a content supply chain. It’s important to realize that every content supply chain is different with many variations—some are real-time like sporting events, whereas others are recorded video/audio. We need to set together an advanced content supply chain, and this is where AMDA plays a crucial role.

In this video, Focazio discusses the variations of a content supply chain, and how AMDA works throughout the entire process. The advanced content supply chain starts with the pre-production phase, where the overall process of creating content uses AI for meta-data creation, or to locate data, archives, and more. The production, postproduction/editorial, distribution, playout, and measurement phases are also discussed.

Watch the video to learn more about the role that AI/ML workloads play in the content supply chain :