Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey: Empowering a Mobile Workforce

Case Study

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey: Empowering the New Mobile Workforce

The Challenge

One of the main objectives was to help horizon blue cross blue shield of new jersey gain tangible efficiencies in operations throughout the enterprise and deliver the best possible customer experience

A key fundamental to starting this project on the right path was to engage business units outside of IT early on in the process to determine their true frustrations with requesting services from IT. With this feedback and input, this project started to receive recognition outside of IT and perceived as not just another technical project, but garnered support from their internal customers, the end-users.

As a result, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey developed a self-service catalog that transformed the end-user experience – the theme – bringing services to users’ verses users’ to services.

Roles were defined for specific requests so that end-users were presented with requests that were pertinent to their job function and consistent branding was introduced to help support user adoption.

In addition, it was important to the company to empower its end-users with statuses of requests, allowing for increased transparency and a natural byproduct – a reduction in call volume to the service desk.

The Solution

Many growing organizations face a common challenge – IT is plagued with legacy systems that create significant costs to maintain and frustrate its end-users by spending time determining which system they should use to submit a basic request.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (“Horizon BCBSNJ”) faced this very challenge. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ IT was burdened by legacy systems. Employees struggled to determine which system to use to make basic requests, such as password resets or to initiate the on-boarding process for new employees. To solve this significant challenge, Horizon BCBSNJ’ system required consolidation, and most importantly, a streamlined approach to empower its mobile workforce systems to find answers.

As a result, Horizon BCBSNJ partnered with Ness for its expertise in enterprise cloud solutions and cloud based service management to devise a strategy to consolidate multiple legacy systems and develop a front-end self-service catalog to enable employees to order pre-defined, bundled goods and services from not only the IT organization, but other departments beyond IT. The solution – a versatile, cloud based Enterprise Software Service Management solution designed to meet the needs of the enterprise not only today, but for long-term growth.

The Results

By taking the time to properly define services to include in their self-service catalog and incorporate other business units, Horizon BCBSNJ was able to successfully change the perception of IT’s capability to deliver services in a more efficient manner, garnering an increase in customer satisfaction. As a result of their new front-end self-service catalog, Horizon BCBSNJ was able to quickly realize tangible results, including reducing:

  • 150 requests to 55
  • Service desk call volume by 30%
  • Request fulfillment cycle by 15%
  • Manual data entry by 50%

With the first phase of this project in place, the stage has been set for the company to continue to extend its self-service catalog beyond IT and incorporate services from other business units to further streamline requests. The scalability of the Enterprise Cloud Service Management solution has proven to be an ideal mobile workforce management platform to expand capabilities across the enterprise and reach new levels of optimization with real-time dashboards, additional automation, and chat integration.


What is mobile workforce management?

It is the process of optimizing and managing the tasks of remote mobile workforce.

What is a WFM platform?

It’s a software solution to manage and optimize workforce through task automation such as attendance tracking, scheduling, performance management, forecasting, etc.

What companies use WFM?

Some renowned companies using WFM are Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.

Is Horizon BCBS the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Horizon BCBS is a health insurance company operating in the New Jersey region and is a licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a national association of health insurance companies.

Is Horizon BCBS only in NJ?

Horizon BCBS is only in state of New Jersey.

Can I use Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield out of state?

If you have a nationwide coverage plan, you might be able to use those benefits outside of the state. This will also depend on the plan and network.