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Industry Analyst Perspective on DevOps

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Organizations Are Implementing DevOps Across Applications

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4 Important Factors for Starting DevOps

In a article authored by Ness, we describe 4 key elements that an organization should consider before starting their DevOps adoption journey:

  1. Conduct a continuous delivery assessment on product development practices and processes
  2. Map the journey of a piece of code from a developer’s desk all the way to when consumers use it
  3. Establish a culture of inclusiveness, autonomy and a sense of a ‘common goal’ within the organization
  4. Measure and track progress to find simple metrics that reflect value to the end customer

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Need help to implement DevOps successfully in your organization?

Get Started – Ness can help you conduct a DevOps Readiness Assessment:

  • Learn how to execute a successful DevOps deployment in your environment.
  • Determine process and engineering maturity and cultural fit across your organization from 3 key perspectives – process, automation, and collaboration.
  • Conduct a horizontal and vertical review of each hand off step to identify bottlenecks and optimization areas.

The Ness DevOps Readiness Assessment will provide a complete evaluation and recommendations report specific for your organization.

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