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From growing up on a farm to Chief Innovation Officer at Linium— Rachel Slater’s Journey to the Digital Era


Authority Magazine recently interviewed Rachel Slater, Chief Innovation Officer at Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company. The resulting article describes Rachel’s career journey with Linium, the story behind what brought her to the specific career path, and her valuable advice to other female leaders.

Rachel explains, “Be a leader and understand what that means. To me, it means empowering people who are more talented than you and who inspire you. Find people with “grit” and understand their career aspirations. Great leaders support people and help them break down walls.”

Read the full article – https://ness.com/leadership-means-to-empower-people-who-are-more-talented-than-you-and-who-inspire-you-with-rachel-slater-chief-innovation-officer-at-linium/