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Frequent Use Cases for IoT – Featuring Forrester Research

In today’s globalized world, everything is interconnected; and now even more so, thanks to IoT, which connects billions of physical devices to the Internet. Many business leaders consider IoT to be just the beginning of how technology can transform the way we do business. So, how can companies use IoT to support their businesses? Here’s a Ness video featuring Frank Gillett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, who discusses IoT use cases.

IoT is complicated because on the surface many people think it’s vertical—since marketers often sell it in a vertical way. But in reality, IoT has an enormous business value in specific use cases and a strong universal value proposition that applies to many companies, irrespective of the industry. For example, building management and energy management—these are areas of concern for nearly every company. There are many other things like predictive maintenance, asset performance management, preventive maintenance, and so on; these IoT value propositions apply to many companies. “When we look at IoT, each company is going to find that there are multiple use cases that apply to them and a couple of them might be truly specialized,” says Gillett.