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Fostering an Innovative Environment in the Digital Era

Fostering an Innovative Environment in the Digital Era

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesTo help our partners unleash their maximum potential in a disruptive digital economy, Ness Digital Engineering recently established a new technology and innovation team headed by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Moshe Kranc. I am leading the innovation initiatives as part of the Office of the CTO.

Under the CTO Office, innovation is driven as a meaningful and managed initiative at Ness. There is a conscious focus on innovation across the organization driven by a meritocratic approach. A number of innovative things are happening around us and it is but obvious to come up with ideas that could have a positive impact for our customers. We focus on innovation by making it customer-centric, bringing an outside-in perspective to draw in ideas, and also taking an inside-out perspective that projects our associates as innovators.

Across our centers, we have some unbelievable talent amongst our engineers who are working with clients across a whole host of industries such as education, financial services, media, travel & tourism, automotive, transportation, etc. Many of them are working on our clients’ products, platforms and solutions that are cutting-edge. Our associates are constantly innovating and are a part of the think-tank of the customers’ business and may be on the cusp of some breakthrough innovation.

The CTO Office is focused on providing a strong innovation platform for our associates that can breathe life into their ideas. We will rally around promising ideas that are proposed by our associates and help bring them to fruition. We want to ensure ideas get a fair shot at incubation and the support that they need to become viable.

We want to encourage and include everyone into innovation at Ness. We are excited about this and what it means for us and for our customers.

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