Fleet Management Platform

Case Study

Fleet Management Platform

The Challenge

The customer is one of Europe’s largest fleet telematics service providers, providing connected solutions to businesses like fleet tracking and optimization, job workflow management, driver safety and behavior improvement.  Ness engaged with the customer to build a Platform-as-a-Service offering to their telematics customers, providing fleet management, driver behavior analysis, and the foundation for usage-based insurance.

The Solution

Ness developed key functionalities necessary to track fleet activity online, provide an estimated time of arrival, locate stolen vehicles, check and prove the time of delivery or arrival, find the nearest vehicle for an emergency job, and receive notifications and alerts. Implemented support for Driver Behavior Monitoring features such as analyzing drivers’ performance online – acceleration, braking, and idling; support for encouraging best practices – statistics about own driving and own driving score, new Driving Smoothness algorithm

Ness also developed open APIs for insurance and leasing companies to support usage-based insurance.

The Results

The solution achieved an average cost saving of £660 ($1,000) per vehicle in the fleet, per year. The solution also helped Improve driver safety by reducing speeding by up to 70%. It was estimated that a total of about 230,000 tons of CO2 saved in the first year. From a process perspective, achieved a release cadence from 10 to 4 weeks, reduced the cost of test activities by 30%, and reduced the cost of code reviews by 50%.