EZOPS Leverages Well-Architected Reviews (WARs) to Deliver an Optimized Environment​

Case Study

EZOPS Leverages Well-Architected Reviews (WARs) to Deliver an Optimized Environment​

The solution provided a remediation plan for hi-risk items and delivered Infrastructure as a Code.​​​


EZOPS Inc. is a U.S.-based FinTech firm providing full front-to-back data control software that drives efficiency and dramatically reduces operational costs and resource requirements for financial services institutions.​


A fast-growing AI startup, EZOPS found that the time to build and verify secure “sandbox” environments to work with clients was taking too long to create and validate. The company sought options to improve the turnaround time to keep up with the demand. They also wanted to receive a Well-Architected Review so they could address and implement recommendations quickly.​


EZOPS chose Ness to perform a Well-Architected Review based on recommendations from mutual clients. The solution focused on the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) construction and core AWS build. Ness migrated the manual process of building an environment to Infrastructure as Code in parts.​

  • Part 1: Automation of the AMI build and database setup​
  • Part 2: Convert the manual process to create 27 AWS entities (VPC, EC2, RDS, etc.) to Infrastructure as Code​


Ness delivered a solution within two weeks and automated 72 manual steps. EZOPS can now create an environment in less than one hour that used to take about four days before. Every deployment is fully auditable as all provisions are stored as codes.​