Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Combining human behavior analysis
with technology solutions to produce
meaningful business outcomes

Ness draws its knowledge from a broad range of disciplines bound together by design thinking. Across the range of research, ideation, product & customer strategy, service design, and user experience implementation, we apply science alongside art to create digital products and services that are repeatable, testable, measurable, and memorable.

Client Challenges We Solve

ED 1
How can the company improve customer experience and increase retention and revenue?
ED 2
Do customers perceive the customer journey we provide as more valuable than our competitors’ offerings?
ED 3
What insights have we missed in our research or data that could yield new business opportunities?
ED 4
How can we establish processes that more consistently drive idea generation and innovation?
ED 5
How can we better translate our ideas into actionable prototypes and Minimum Viable Products?
ED 6
How can we thoughtfully leverage newer technologies, such as conversational interfaces, to improve the customer experience?

Ness Experience Design Solutions

Service Design: Orchestrating the interaction of people, artifacts, processes, and infrastructure into a cohesive digital services system that optimizes business value and provides a seamless customer or employee experience

Process Optimization:
Holistically improving business processes and validating their usefulness in the context of everyday human interactions

Change Management:
Ensuring that newly built digital products, platforms and services are being successfully transitioned to and effectively used throughout their lifecycle by employees, partners, and customers
Product Strategy: Aligning business strategy, market, and end-user research with technical feasibility to prioritize a comprehensive product roadmap
Ideation: Accelerating innovation and validating strategy with iterations of possible solutions to business challenges, resulting in increased speed to market and reduced risk

Human-Centered Research:
Conducting the systematic investigation of users, their needs, wants, and pain points, benchmarked against market trends and client value propositions. This validates strategy and provides comprehensive context and insight to the design process
CX Strategy: Mapping interactions between an organization and its customers across different touch points to enable strategic flexibility and improvement, linking customer experience directly with revenue

UX & UI Design:
Analyzing and adapting processes, interactivity, and presentation layers to improve the overall user experience and satisfaction provided by interactions with the product

Work In Action: Solutions for Experience Design


We collaborated with the innovation team of a financial services client to understand the requirements and limitations of their current customer sign-up process, so we could help them reduce the number of steps and friction during the process. We redefined the experience in a highly-intuitive way using the latest technologies, which reduced process steps by 60% and increased the number of new customers onboarded.


We built an analytics dashboard to monitor a fleet of vehicles and enable the client to spot performance issues, trends and outliers much earlier than was possible before. In total, six different dashboard tools were designed, including a central display that enables management to oversee the entire fleet.


We engineered an approval hub for a major media company that previously used distinct branding review processes within various marketing initiatives. The consolidated hub provides a more consistent, easy-to-use, and trackable process to help the company better protect its brand across many different channels and brand platforms.

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