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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices have long ceased to be a luxury. Today, they are fundamental towards enabling productivity by helping connect employees and employers no matter where they are. In such a scenario, the concept of Enterprise Mobility, which is a way to bring everyone and everything together, assumes significance, especially for our customers who are staking claim in the Digital Economy. It is not about merely developing a mobile application, but involves connecting the entire ecosystem within an enterprise.

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesEnterprise mobility emerges from a simple concept – BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. This allows employees to bring their own device(s) to the corporate network and access the corporate data. This brings about a paradigm shift in work habits, with employees also being able to work from remote locations, and thus being able to address client requirements in a smooth fashion. Sounds simple, isn’t it? But this also gives rise to a lot of questions in our mind such as connecting users from various locations, managing apps across multiple platforms, protecting corporate data and curbing risks.

There are a few ways of addressing these challenges:

  • Single sign-on is a solution that connects users (employees) across various locations. A user could be in a cafe and still be able to connect with the enterprise, or he / she could be at home and could easily respond to a mail from a client.
  • Implement centralized identity by managing on-premise and cloud-based devices from a single console. Having a simplified, user-centric app management system across devices will solve the problem of managing apps across different platforms.
  • Protect the data by enforcing strong authentication and data encryption. Having the user register the device would be a good way of identifying and reducing risks. MDM (or Mobile Device Management) helps protect corporate data by wiping applications and data from lost devices. MDM is the software is that used by companies to manage devices, protect corporate data and prevent unauthorized device access. Like MDM, MAM (or Mobile Application Management) is software that is enforced on specific applications, rather than the device itself.

As enterprise mobility continues to evolve in the digital era, getting more and more acceptance amongst employers and employees across regions, the bottom line is, ‘watch this space for more in 2016’.

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