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Ensuring Learning Products Are Intelligently Developed

Ensuring Learning Products Are Intelligently Developed

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Customer-ExperiencesIn the current digital economy, the educational sector is fast adapting to new technologies and creating products that are changing the way knowledge is being disseminated. Anand Subramanian, Vice President, Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering, has penned a column for edtech digest, titled “Ensuring learning products are intelligently developed”, where he provides his insight on how organizations in this sector can succeed while grappling with the rapidly changing environment.

He writes, “When designing digital products and solutions for any industry, it’s critical to always keep the end-user experience in mind. In addition to understanding the user’s needs, wants, and pains via traditional research and due-diligence, data collection and analysis are key components, particularly in the education sector. During the digital learning experience, data from students, teachers and even administrators can be captured. This data can then be used to support decisions both on the fly and long-term by tracking changes, exploring new patterns in learner behavior, and digging deeper into problem areas.”

Subramanian also elaborates on the various factors that are likely to shape this industry in the years to come and the importance of embracing digital transformation.

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