Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Accelerating software engineering and
improving efficiency to help clients
achieve higher-quality outcomes, faster

Ness helps companies accelerate software engineering processes, so they can get their solutions to market faster, improve product quality, and gain more time for innovation.

Client Challenges We Solve

EA 1
How can we accelerate software release cycles and time to revenue?
EA 2
What can we do to increase the reliability and predictability of our software releases?
EA 3
How can we be more flexible in accommodating changing customer requirements without affecting quality?
EA 4
What tools can we use to minimize errors and code complexity?
EA 5
How can we reduce manual effort to give us more time to focus on innovation?

Ness Engineering Automation Solutions

Application Release Automation: Providing advisory services as well as implementing solutions that accelerate software release cycles, including capabilities in Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline, build & deployment automation, infrastructure provisioning automation, code inspection, and process and tool evaluation

Test Automation:
Providing advisory and implementation services to help clients automate testing, including functional testing, user interface testing, API testing, desktop/web/mobile testing, performance & security testing, and Test-Driven (TDD), Behavior-Driven (BDD), and Acceptance-Test Driven (ATDD) Development methods

Work In Action: Solutions for Engineering Automation


We helped a software vendor develop unified platforms for automated provisioning and for automated testing covering REST API, extension points, and protocols. With these frameworks the client increased platform test coverage from 15% to 90% and compressed test cycle time by 75%.


We worked with a software company to increase until testing for faster test execution and earlier defect detection, while expanding test automation to make it easier to catch cross-team impacts when working on a common code base. Release certification was 100% automated, and a 60% reduction in priority one software issues and zero production rollbacks were realized.


We customized an Agile Scrum process for multiple teams distributed across different continents working for an education provider. Ness also helped the client automate thousands of test cases and focused on sprint automation using TDD and ATDD methods. Test execution effort decreased from 1.5 months to ½ a day and the client reduced its testing costs by 25%.

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