End-to-End Development service for threat management security

Case Study

End-to-End Development Service for Threat Management Security

The Challenge

The client, a threat management security solution for web applications & cloud environments, is looking for an end-to-end development partner to improve their solution.

The Solution

First Ness performed an analysis of the system in order to determine how to call 3rd party service API and set the desired object list. In the development stage, a collector template was created and testing was automated. We then created a collector using nodejs tech stack and deployed this collector package on S3 bucket. By Using AWS CloudFormation Template (CFT) invoked S3 bucket package and pulled logs and pushed them into the console.

The Results

  • Blocks ransomware and variants of malware as they arrive in phishing emails.
  • Block execution when opened as an attachment.
  • Thwarts multiple attack techniques that try to compromise endpoints, gain access to resources, and detonate payloads.
  • Achieves multi-vector attack monitoring and isolation that recognizes techniques and stops them early before any damage is done.
  • Works alongside existing anti-virus tools to provide an additional layer of defense.