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Empowering Innovations within Enterprise Mobility

Empowering Innovations within Enterprise Mobility

In a world of fast moving and disruptive technologies, the opportunity to innovate is richest with enterprise mobility.

While we all know the overwhelming effect mobility has had on lives of earthly things, challenges with mobile transformations have always piggy backed on the mobility led innovations, and go a long way in creating a sustainable safe roadmap for the enterprises by providing a generalized and flexible re-engineering approach.

Mobility landscape transformations are governed by rapid changes to various elements such as device platform components, application SDKs and integrations with backend within an ecosystem. While innovations are about defining and creating industry prevalent themes unifying these elements of the ecosystem.

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesSome of the key challenges mobility led innovations face is:

  • Rapid technology refresh cycles
  • Addressing silo problems
  • Amplitude of choices to solve similar problems
  • Sustainability of innovation itself

While the scope of innovation spans from devices to business processes, the way enterprises need to look at approaching innovation is to build:

  • Theme based solutionizing
  • Creating reengineering flexibility with technology refreshes
  • Prototype behavioral approach for addressing business problems

In order to gain sustainable competitive advantage, in a digital economy, strategic execution of innovation also needs to be formulized in a manner bringing value benefits out of innovation rather than being just a complementary exercise.

This can rally around creating a customer benefit journey with innovations illustrated, and off the shelf workable business integrated solutions which can be customized to demonstrate the flexibility of accommodating present and future business scenarios.

As it’s important to create a sustainable strategic approach while approaching mobility led innovations, equally important is to measure the success of the innovation which can be achieved by time boxing an innovation with a MVP kind of approach along with cost centric strategies [to kill peer competition].

A structured organized focus can not only help enterprises drive new values via innovation, but can also help them stay ahead of peers in what is a flat world.

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