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Driving Innovation With Connected Cars

Connected Car

The automotive industry is transforming at an accelerated pace, and the Connected Car revolution is a major catalyst to this change.

With Over 380 million Connected Cars expected to be on the roads by 2021, automotive players are facing an urgent need to drive strategic technology innovations in areas, such as ADAS (advanced Driver Assistance Systems), in-car user experience and content services, data management and telematics.

Ness recently participated in the London Tech Connected Car Event, which brought over 600 automakers, tier 1 suppliers, insurers and technology providers under the same roof to discuss strategies needed to keep pace with an evolving automotive market.

Ness Executive Vice President, Pete Rogers, was interviewed at the London Tech Connected Car event. He provided insight into how connected cars are a highly complex digital platform, and how Ness’s strong expertise in this area can help automotive players prepare the roadmap to develop a Connected Car ecosystem, and build the technical prowess to lead the automotive digital disruption.

Are you scrambling for answers on what’s driving the Connected Car market, and how can you transform your business to leverage the opportunity? Read this excerpt from Pete’s interview.     

Q. Pete, Ness has an interesting perspective on Connected Car ecosystem. How did your company become part of it?

Pete: It might not be popular with everyone in the industry, but we tend to think the Connected Car as software on wheels – and that makes it a true digital platform. Ness is a company that is expert in designing and building next-generation digital platforms across sectors as diverse as the Industrial Internet, Broadcast and finance, so it’s an area we are very excited about.

To be an expert you need to have the right skills in usability and a deep understanding of the inherent complexity and huge volumes of data involved. And as we are a partner to many already in the ecosystem, the Connected Car is an obvious trend for us to invest in and focus on.

Watch Video to listen to the full interview to uncover more insights on how automotive players can lead the Connected Cars revolution.