Transportation models and modes are proliferating to address changing consumer tastes, environmental and safety concerns, and city growth. Ness helps companies in the transit and automotive ecosystems design and build digital platforms with real-time insights and contextual offerings that differentiate their capabilities from the rest.

Client challenges that we solve

  • How can we apply connected technologies to provide transportation solutions that are more efficient and cost effective?
  • How can we reduce R&D cycle time and costs to more rapidly respond to consumer demands?
  • How can we better utilize our transportation assets?
  • In what ways can we use or enhance the data we collect to improve consumer satisfaction and offer new services?
  • How can we differentiate our products and services to address consumer interests around safety and convenience?

Smart Mobility solutions

Smart Transit Solutions For Mobility-as-a-Service

Combining expertise in trip planning, best fare analysis, online booking, automatic fare collection, and account-based ticketing to deliver innovative, seamless transit experiences

Location Intelligence & Navigation

Developing 2D and 3D image rendering, search and intelligent routing, advanced data visualizations, and location data-based products for real-time, precision decision making and navigation

Telemetry & Fleet Analysis

Using remote IoT sensors and data analytics to track vehicles and fleets, optimize utilization and performance of vehicle assets, and facilitate driving best practices

Connected Automotive Solutions

Increasing the safety, efficiency and fun of the driving experience through active & passive safety systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment solutions, and related location intelligence and telemetry solutions



Solutions for Smart Mobility

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Work in Action

Building an omnichannel booking engine

Ness partnered with a transportation technology vendor to build a digital solution that includes account-based ticketing, automated fare collection, payment systems, and passenger information solutions for transit operators around the globe. The solution included an omnichannel booking engine and reporting to reconcile passenger transactions quickly and accurately.

Creating innovative mapping solutions

Ness collaborated with a client to create a navigation platform for connected cars, resulting in next generation 2D and 3D mapping solutions and innovative 3D renderings. This included partnering with the client on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Navigation Data Standards.

Building a telematics platform

Ness leveraged its Internet of Things, data analytics, cloud, and transportation expertise to deliver a modern telematics platform for a client’s fleet managers. The solution included a redesigned, field engineer application workflow that reduced install times for on-board vehicle monitoring units from more than an hour to a few minutes.

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