Ness solutions for Smart Machines help companies identify and execute the best opportunities to use machine-sourced data and the Internet of Things to improve quality, enhance the customer experience and differentiate from competitors.

Client challenges that we solve

  • How are the company’s assets performing, and where can we improve asset efficiency?
  • What value-added services can our company offer around the solutions we sell and the data they generate?
  • How can the company make it easier for users to interact with our products and understand the insights machines provide?
  • How can we better route physical assets or service personnel to optimize operations?

Smart Machines solutions

Real-Time Data Visualization & Machine Monitoring
Creating data-based visualizations and services to enable real-time diagnostics and remote service management
Condition-Based Maintenance
Reducing operational costs and downtime by scheduling machine maintenance only when sensors detect specified conditions
Predictive Analytics
Using sensor-generated data to predict problems and initiate actions to reduce machine failure
New Information-Based Products
Transforming data into new revenue streams, such as a service for analyzing machine usage data to reduce energy consumption


Solutions for Smart Machines

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Work in Action

Condition-based Maintenance

Our software engineers and a client’s mechanical engineers collaborated to create a condition-based maintenance application. The client’s inspectors and engineers can view operational data to determine maintenance needs to sustain machine performance and minimize downtime.

Telematics Platform

We co-developed a fleet management solution with a client. The solution is a telematics-based platform that enables the company to track service call cycle time, fuel efficiency and other performance factors to maximize returns for fleet managers.

Real-time Location Services

We helped a transportation operator use GPS positioning data from transit assets to gather real-time information about transit systems. The operator uses the information to manage transport systems and provide passengers with real-time schedule information.

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