Ness helps companies create innovative products and IoT-enabled solutions that make everyday activities more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. Whether it’s for smart appliances, digital meters, or home entertainment, Ness helps companies develop digital platforms with the latest technologies and Experience Design techniques to create engaging customer experiences.

Client challenges that we solve

  • What value-added services can our company offer around the solutions we sell and the data they generate?
  • How can we make it easier for users to interact with our connected technologies and understand the insights they provide?
  • In what ways can the company use the data it collects to improve customer satisfaction?
  • How can we expand the features we offer by connecting with devices and partners that complement our solutions?
  • What proactive actions can we take to enhance product quality and prevent service disruptions?

Smart Living solutions

Smart Homes

Combining Experience Design with IoT, data analytics, and software platform engineering, we can help companies deliver smart platforms for a variety of home and living space solutions.

Home Entertainment / Media Distribution

Increasing the contextual intelligence behind search, distribution, management, and playout of content, using advanced data analytics, conversational interfaces, and other digital technologies, to enrich entertainment and media experiences.

Smart Metering

Leveraging data and advanced analytics to enable smart meters that better measure consumption, identify usage patterns, and provide proactive notifications to help users manage resources more efficiently.

Work in Action

Improving home entertainment experiences

Ness helped build a next-gen platform for home entertainment that provides intuitive predictions and programming recommendations, enables multi-platform searches including voice recognition, and integrates with online content repositories. Viewer content consumption increased across multiple channels.

Engineering a smart thermostat

Using IoT and data analytics, Ness engineered a smart thermostat to collect and analyze data from smart meters, standard meters, solar meters, and smart plugs. Energy consumption patterns are tracked and alerts notify users about any unusual or inefficient usage patterns.

Expanding service offerings using IoT

Ness partnered with a manufacturer on its digital transformation journey from a machine-centric to service-centric energy provider. By implementing innovative, sensor-driven operations, the company has achieved competitive advantage through more efficient solutions and the ability to offer new data-driven, value-added services.

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