Ness's solutions for Smart Commerce combine experience design, data analytics, and digital technologies to help clients increase sales with personalized shopping experiences, delight customers with seamless transactions, and increase operational efficiency.

Client challenges that we solve

  • How can we provide a shopping experience that encourages customers to buy from us versus the competition?
  • How can we increase unit sales and margins and profitably engage new markets and partners?
  • How can we better anticipate and plan for significant purchasing trends?
  • How can we make the purchase process easier with tools such as digital payments, chatbots, voice assistants, and augmented reality?
  • How can we better measure and increase customer loyalty?

Smart Commerce solutions

Digital Payments

Developing reliable, secure payment experiences for mobile wallets & proximity payments, payment processing & settlement, systems integration, and redemptions

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Digitizing operations for efficient management, updating the data infrastructure to better synthesize customer data, and using analytics to identify buying patterns to increase engagement

Experience Personalization & Customer Journey Mapping

Using data, recommendation engines, and digital technologies to create personalized shopping experiences across all channels, encouraging higher sales, cross-selling, and loyalty

Digital Marketing & Customer Analytics

Building solutions to execute offers, promotions, and communications to varied customer personas, and using data to develop detailed insights into sales opportunities and potential fraud

Solutions for Smart Commerce
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Work in Action

Modernizing a payments platform

We helped a client modernize its core payment platform, including automating partner onboarding processes to accelerate time to revenue, adding features to its digital marketing platform to support multiple regions, and integrating new payment methods to reach more consumers.

Improving transaction data analytics

We partnered with a client’s innovation team to create an Enterprise Data Hub that applies real-time enhancements to transaction data and provides the unified data lake as a service. This enables faster data consumption by downstream systems and long-term data flexibility.

Building a loyalty platform

We helped a client build and deploy a scalable, global coalition loyalty program for retail customers, which the client used as it expanded its international footprint. The platform enables seamless integration with partner systems to help get new offerings to market faster.

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