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Does WebAssembly Solve Performance Problems on the Web?


In every browser, no matter whether it is Chrome or Firefox, code is interpreted and executed by a JavaScript engine, which in turn specifically runs only with JavaScript. Unfortunately, traditional JavaScript is not perfect for every task we want to perform in modern days. While there are times when web applications demand high performance, and expect browsers to keep up, the legacy JavaScript engine fails to find every feasible way to optimize performance in the browser. That’s where WebAssembly—a new type of code steps in to solve the performance shortcomings.

At this juncture, Daniel Masarik, development lead at Ness Digital Engineering has authored a column for CMSWire, titled “Is a Faster Web on the Horizon with WebAssembly?” This insightful article discusses the advantages of using the new, portable binary format WebAssembly. As Daniel writes, given the support it has from global players and its interoperability with the existing web ecosystem, WebAssembly is a technology that deserves to be taken seriously.

View full article: https://ness.com/faster-web-horizon-webassembly/