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Digitization & Education

Digitization & Education

It’s been a while since digitization has been making impacts on our businesses and customers. Today it impacts consumers as well. Consumers like you and me.

Let’s take the education sector. Since the early 2000s, various publishing companies have ventured in the digitization of books, papers and other publications. Some have been successful, while some have not. Over the last 5 years this has started to take on a different dimension.  With the introduction of smartphones and smart devices it’s become imperative for service providers to load information on the move. The existence or non-existence of a digital strategy has started to prove critical for companies to such an extent that the role of a ‘Chief Digital Officer’ is becoming prevalent amongst corporates.

Banner-Ad-for-Blog-page-1--Digital-ServicesIn the education sector, digitization is becoming a norm, but not at the cost of doing away with paper. Transformations of classrooms into online learning platforms, group study to flipped classrooms (a form of blended learning), teacher scoring to crowdscoring, individual authoring to crowdsourcing are trends that will scale in importance in the next two to three years. Early 2000s saw companies like Second Life creating ripples in the digital space and in virtual education. Nowadays there are innumerable online learning solutions and modules giving new meaning to the formal teacher-student relationship, and re-defining the way conventional learning systems have so far functioned. Blackboards turned to whiteboards some time ago, and are further transforming into smart boards. We’re also seeing efforts for making social media, especially Facebook and Twitter relevant in classrooms.

Only time will tell who’ll make that giant leap. But without a doubt digitization is the need for every corporate. For us as a software engineering service provider, it’s important to study our customers, their market place and provide solutions to accelerate their journey into this digital world.

The digital economy will be the differentiator for all of us. It’s also in line with the market’s technology trends and our customer needs. Our 3 pillars at NessExperience Engineering, Products & Platforms, and Data Analytics will be domains of success going forward, as we leverage our expertise to bring value to our customers and help them stake claim in the digital world.

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Anand Subramanian Anand Subramanian
Anand is Senior Vice President - Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering and has rich experience in the education sector.

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