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Digital Transformation in a Two-Speed Journey


The global pandemic has accelerated the digital disruption that was already underway over the last decade. Large enterprises with incumbent business models are particularly impacted by this digital acceleration as they have to manage a two-speed world. On one hand, they have to run the business without breaking legacy technology and platforms, while on the other they have to rapidly adopt new technologies to be competitive in a digitally disrupted marketplace. The key to a successful path out of this two-speed world is the ability to redesign businesses while having the digital competency to drive rapid modernization of legacy products and platforms.

I joined Ness Digital Engineering as Chief Executive Officer in February 2020, because it is one of the few at-scale specialists that can provide this much-needed capability to clients. Ness has seen explosive growth despite the pandemic because it operates in this market where the demand for digital transformation outstrips the supply of true digital transformation expertise.

Ness is one of the few original product engineering specialists – long before it became a buzzword. Our recent acquisition of Risk Focus, a leading digital transformation consulting and advisory firm specializing in financial services, adds to our core DNA as a product engineering specialist. This is a major step in the evolution of Ness becoming a full lifecycle digital engineering partner.

By combining our product engineering DNA with the latest in digital strategy and technology, Ness can now seamlessly manage digital transformation journeys from strategy through execution. Our new capabilities and expertise make our solutions more comprehensive and business outcome-focused. Clients will see immediate benefits from our synergies as we help engineer their company’s future with cloud and data while helping them thrive in a digital economy that is poised for its greatest moment yet.

This past year, financial services enterprises and businesses across all industries have seen what’s possible when digital technology is applied to their business. They are looking forward to embracing the full scope of emerging technologies and the power of intelligent engineering. At Ness, we share this excitement, and we look forward to being your full lifecycle digital engineering partner!

Ranjit Tinaikar, CEO