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Digital Transformation in the Desert

Digital Transformation in the Desert

This is a time fantasies turn realities, and realities appear surreal. Technological innovations are dynamically redefining all aspects of human life.

Though sounding Utopian to many, Saudi Arabia’s sci-fi desert megacity, Neom, where there will be more robots than humans and is expected to become a reality sooner rather than later, is a mega-example of digital transformation. Equipped with automated driving technology, passenger drones and wireless high-speed internet, the city is stated to be envisioned not for conventional people and companies.

Neom can be viewed as a light from the future. With the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence, every country is likely to dream of a megacity like this.

Every company is likely to breach the boundaries of conventional business models. And every consumer is likely to have a different set of expectations and needs.

Ness Digital ServicesThe changes have already been set in motion. Without many people even realizing, almost all existing companies have become technology companies and are part of digital economy. Yet, one can sense a lack of preparedness from some companies to embrace the right technology at the right moment.

Some are lacking a robust, compelling experience across multiple platforms for external users. Companies need to continually evolve their digital strategy, particularly when competition is steep and 24×7.

Undoubtedly, there is no room for complacency in the fast-moving digital world. As wisely said, “the only wrong move when it comes to digital transformation is not to make a move at all.”

With the dynamics between consumers and companies changing rapidly, meeting customer expectations has become a daunting task with great challenges. Companies are under pressure to quickly create or update digital platforms that cater to the requirements of the new markets. This in turn will help them gain operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

Analysts note that a majority of companies look outside of their organization to supplement their software development requirements. This can help them expedite development, gain expertise from an experienced engineering firm, better manage releases and reduce business risk.

In working at Ness, I’ve seen us help clients at various points in their digital endeavors. We’ve supported companies with a wide range of needs from developing critical strategic digital platforms, update existing software products, data monetization, enhanced user experience, and more. We work as an extension of their internal teams by providing experienced cutting-edge technology development. Ness develops strategies and digital products and services that deliver increased market success, while equally considering all aspects to reduce risks associated with the business.

2018 will be an exciting year as we help companies continually evolve their digital strategies to keep pace with the changing world. Not all companies or consumers are ready to enable technology as extreme as the city of Neom, but the race to innovate will persist.

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Vivek Kangath Vivek Kangath
Vivek Kangath is the Senior Global Manager – Corporate Communications at Ness Digital Engineering. With over a decade’s experience in the field of communications, a level-headed approach and a proactive nature to embrace new challenges, he brings with him varied experiences across different industrial sectors. He is well-versed in understanding the varied demands and nuances of the trade. His portfolio and specialization areas includes Media Relations, Crisis Management, Strategy Planning, Internal and External Communications. He believes that having an open mind to learn about an organization, its culture and history with a complimentary innovative mindset will help steer the course of the company's future and deliver world class communication solutions.

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