Digital Innovation and Developing Digital Strategies

Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business. As such, there are many new digital innovations and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech and Internet-connected era. However, many times businesses don’t have an integrated plan that helps them grow and stay innovative.

In an interview with Fast CMO, Amber Blaha, CMO of Ness Digital Engineering, shares some interesting insights on how Ness helps clients stay innovative in today’s competitive, digital market. She also talks about what excites her the most about marketing at Ness and lessons learned from her own career journey in marketing. “It makes sense to get away from your usual frame of reference, because it’s hard to be innovative if you’re always considering the same input. Clients value our ability to help them draw inspiration from all corners of the broader market ecosystem, as well as from learning from other business processes – sometimes from within their own organization. The key is having them take the time to focus on gathering this perspective,” states Amber.

Read the article for insights on how to put businesses on a path of innovation, how to use customer inputs, market trends and more insights:

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