Democratized AI…Building Intelligent Business Models

The summer of 1956 in Dartmouth marked the advent of general Artificial Intelligence (AI). The world has come a long way since then, thanks to certain forces that pushed out AI work from the precincts of research labs into the hands of technology practitioners. These practitioners took the path of solving specific problems that augmented human capacity, relying on patterns hidden in historical data. What we are now witnessing in the form of self-driving cars, use cases in medical diagnostics, image recognition, or robots playing Google’s AlphaGo and chess are all examples of narrow AI that hold the promise of transforming our lives in an exponential manner. Enterprises today are grappling with and trying to comprehend the full impact of AI and how machinecentric intelligence will impact their business operating models, competitiveness, and their ability to serve the needs of their end customers across all touchpoints.

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